Mantis Pest Control Inc.

Mosquito Reduction Services

Mosquitoes are known for spreading numerous life-threatening diseases, including malaria, the West Nile virus, encephalitis, and the Zika virus. The most common breeds include the NJ Asian Tiger mosquito, Culex Pipiens, and Aedes vexans, which thrive in floodwaters.

A thorough inspection of breeding sites around your property is part of our services. These areas include children’s toys filled with water, loose tires, and other moist, shaded areas with accumulated dampness. We also provide an effective barrier treatment, introducing our mosquito reduction program to popular resting sites.

If you’re lucky, all you can get from a mosquito bite are red patches and itchiness. However, some people react more strongly, experiencing swelling and soreness. In severe cases, individuals exhibit symptoms of serious diseases. To counter these, we provide expert mosquito reduction services in Somerset County and surrounding areas.