Mantis Pest Control Inc.

Stinging Insect Control Services

Mantis Pest Control treats the full array of stinging insects, such as paper wasps, yellow jackets, bald face hornets, and European hornets. The treatment process differs depending on each situation. Rest assured, Mantis Pest Control will eradicate your stinging insect issue. As Always, our work is guaranteed.

Bald-Faced Hornets

The bald-faced hornets are a relative of yellowjackets. They create beautiful and complex paper nests up on tree branches and even under roofs. If you see one, please don’t whack it. It is not a pinata.



Yellowjackets live in nests or colonies with up to 4,000 workers. They are at the highest activity during the summer months. Additionally, they are known to sting for no reason, sting repeatedly, and cause allergic reactions in some people.

Paper Wasps

Although paper wasps can be dangerous, they are calm by nature. They do not attack unless they or their nests are bothered or threatened. Their stings can hurt just as much as their hornet counterparts.

European Hornets

The European hornets appear in the late summer, usually found in their nests in hollow trees, barns, hollow walls of houses, and attics. You can tell them apart from the others by their brown and yellow abdominal stripes and pale face. They also look more similar to wasps.

Honey Bees

Sometimes, honey bees wander off in human settlements and build their homes there. When this happens, we advise you not to destroy their homes or kill them.

Mantis Pest Control Inc. works with a local apiary and several beekeepers in the state to make sure any bee infestations are handled with care. We are a part of the “Save The Bees Movement” and avoid bee eradication at all costs.